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Delicious salmon & spinach stir-fry

First things first - whilst you're cooking - swop your glass of wine / gin & tonic for a glass of elderflower cordial - put some ice in ‘chink chink’ you wont notice the difference - and you'll sleep better - if you are however screaming at your computer whilst reading this having had a rubbish day at work and kids are wrestling in the background - have a smaller glass of wine / a pub measure of gin ( rather than your home measure! ) but have a glass of water as well ( keep hydration up ) and try for tomorrow!

Another tip - whilst cooking and to stop scoffing those empty carbs, have a bowl of nuts handy like almonds ( great source of vit E ) or a stick of celery ( ok I’m pushing it ) - my point is nibble on something that is nutritious rather than puff and empty calories .

When cooking I reckon half the problem is being organised enough to have the right foods in that I want to eat - rather than dashing from work, picking kids up, dashing to their after school clubs, flying around the supermarket in a haze ending up buying all the wrong things - or getting persuaded by said children into buying their favourite junk food (been there done that ?), try the week before jotting down a few ideas for menus - I know sounds like heaven to have the time to do that but occasionally I manage this and actually cook what I really want to eat! (some of you out there will naturally do this week in week out I’m probably just the disorganised one!) Ok so let’s get cooking …

Salmon and spinach stir fry

This first recipe for you to try is one that I fall back on all the time - easily bought ingredients, not obscure ones no ones ever heard of - you can buy the salmon steaks in bulk and freeze for future meals. Even if you don’t really like salmon yourself or your kids screw up their noses at the mere mention of fish, I guarantee they will like this!

Ingredients :-

Glug of olive oil

1 red onion - depending on the amount of people you are cooking for I usually say half an onion per 2 mouths - minutely chopped if you have fussy children, otherwise finely chopped!

Small bag of new potatoes - you will need approx 3 per mouth - chop up finely.

Salmon steaks - readily available in all supermarkets, boned & usually in packs of 2 so buy one steak per person.

Small bag of spinach - you will need one generous handful per person - don’t bother chopping

Fresh coriander - finely chopped

Red, yellow and orange pepper - if you prefer green go for it, I just find these ones sweeter - finely chopped ( hold half back of each for the salad to accompany or if you don’t like salad have them as crudite with some hummus )

Ground cumin - aprrox 2 tsps - but if you fancy a bit more taste and add as you go along

Paprika - 2 tsps - again adjust for personal taste

Pine nuts - optional but add nutritional value and a crunch

Goji berries - again optional if you have some lying around pop them in

Salad : preferred salad leaves, remainder of peppers, cucumber, tomatoes … you know what you like in a salad just don’t forget to buy!


  • Pop a healthy glug of olive oil (or sunflower oil is fine) into a wok or large frying pan.

  • Add finely chopped onion and potatoes - gently simmer until soft

  • Meanwhile wrap salmon in foil place on tray and pop a knob of butter on top of each steak - if you are trying to lose a few pounds leave that out ! Pop in oven @180c for about 20 mins - until it easily flakes using a fork (leave the skin!)

  • Add the cumin and paprika

  • Add the peppers - slightly soften but don’t let them lose their crunch

  • Add the flaked salmon - give a good stir but don’t leave on hob stewing away, you need to add the rest of the ingredients and just eat!

  • Finally add coriander, spinach and any extras like pine nuts you fancy.

  • Serve with a green salad - I hope you find this as scrummy as we do and just think about all those marvellous nutrients you’re having !


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