Welcome to Let's Talk Menopause

Ruth Devlin founded Let’s Talk Menopause to raise awareness and provide accurate information on the menopause. She is passionate about providing accessible, evidence-based information and support for, anyone experiencing the menopause, for employers and for health care professionals (HCP) supporting those going through this transitional stage in their lives.


This helps people to make more informed decisions about how to manage their menopause, helps employers to support their workforce and helps HCPs to provide adequate care and treatment. 

She does this through giving talks within the public, private & third sectors, writes a blog, and has published a book Men…Let’s Talk Menopause. She regularly contributes on many platforms and is a registered nurse.

Please note: Let’s Talk Menopause provides information only.

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Courses for Individuals

Following the overwhelming and positive response to recent webinars we have run, we have decided to run a series of short information sessions throughout the year, which will be open for individuals to register and attend.


Please click the link below to view the courses in more detail.

Courses for Organisations

We offer three core courses for your organisations, covering an overview of the Menopause, an insight into Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and the benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle.


Please click the link below to view the courses in more detail.

Men... Let's Talk Menopause

From her extensive experience running Menopause courses and workshops Ruth realised the lack of information available for men whose wives, partners and colleagues were going through the menopause. With this in mind she has written a concise, comprehensive, evidence based book which provides a simple guide...useful for all women too! Available from the usual outlets...Waterstones  ...Amazon...