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Men...Let's Talk Menopause

A tad excited — 'Men...Let's Talk Menopause' is the title of the book I've put together after several years of giving talks up and down the country. Available 25th April on Amazon - Happy reading!

Absolutely delighted to have just received my first official review from Dr Melanie Smith, clinical psychologist and co-author of 'Managing Hot Flushes and Night Sweats a cognitive self-help guide to the menopause'.

Men….Let’s talk Menopause review

From her extensive experience of running menopause workshops, Ruth Devlin became aware of the lack of information available to men whose wives were entering menopause. With this in mind, she has produced a comprehensive but concise, evidence- based book offering exactly that!

Ruth provides accessible information about the cause of physical and psychological symptoms of menopause, taking into account biopsychosocial factors that may influence the menopause transition. Drawing on her nursing background, Ruth presents thorough advice on a range of recommended ways to manage symptoms including medical intervention as well as a plethora of practical, self-management strategies. While the book is ultimately aimed at men, it also provides women with factual information about the range of options available to them in relation to specific symptoms.

With her warm and witty writing style, Ruth injects humour into a subject which can be difficult for many women to talk about with their partners. In doing so, she has produced a valuable resource that encourages men to understand and support their partner to manage menopausal symptoms, rather than sit and watch from the side lines, perhaps feeling a little baffled.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone whose partner is menopausal, and any woman going through menopause who can leave the book lying around so her partner might conveniently find it. Thank you Ruth!

The title speaks for itself really, the aim was to provide a short, concise, informative guide with accurate advice and a touch of humour...the result, a no-nonsense, some have called essential guide with a bit of humour and I twisted the arm of one of my sons to do some sketches!

A massive thank you to all at Practical Inspiration Publishing team who have just been fabulous, highly recommend them to anyone

Happy reading!


Any information is as accurate as possible at time of writing and is for information purposes only. The information and support that Let's Talk Menopause provides is for your own personal use. It is not intended to replace or substitute the judgement of any medical professional you may come in contact with. You should always seek advice from your healthcare professional regarding any medical condition.


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