Let's Talk Menopause


Ruth Devlin founded Let’s Talk Menopause to raise awareness and provide accurate information on the menopause. She is passionate about providing accessible, evidence-based information and support for women, employers and health care professionals (HCPs) which, helps women to make more informed decisions about how to manage their menopause, helps employers to support their workforce through this period of their lives and helps HCPs to provide adequate care and treatment.

She does this through giving talks within the public, private & third sectors, through the blog here on the website and has published a book  Men…Let’s Talk Menopause available from all usual outlets: Waterstones...Amazon...



Ruth can tailor talks to suit any requirements, to discuss details please contact:

Ruth: ruth@letstalkmenopause.co.uk

For more information on the topics covered throughout a talk please see the courses page.

Ruth regularly contributes on a variety of platforms and is a registered nurse.

Please feel free to download and print off this Menopause diary – an incredibly useful tool if suffering from symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia or urinary symptoms. It will help you to focus on your symptoms, includes a handy list of the potential symptoms women can suffer from and a useful list of essential signposting at the back of the diary. Even if you just do it for a week it can really help you to start to manage those symptoms. 


Ruth works within the community and the workplace providing informal, informative talks and courses, which she tailors to organisations requirements. She has worked with many organisations within the public, private and third sectors including NHS Education Scotland, Historic Environmental Scotland, Royal College of Midwives and various local councils, amongst many others. She is a Scottish Union Learning training provider.

If you would be interested, or know of a group of women or men who would be interested in a course please get in touch: Email: ruth@letstalkmenopause.co.uk

Men... Let's Talk Menopause

From her extensive experience running Menopause courses and workshops Ruth realised the lack of information available for men whose wives, partners and colleagues were going through the menopause. With this in mind she has written a concise, comprehensive, evidence based book which provides a simple guide...useful for all women too! Available from the usual outlets...Waterstones  ...Amazon...

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