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Let's Talk Menopause Courses

Following COVID all courses are on-line and have been successfully running since lockdown. I do however look forward to the day when we can resume face to face meetings.

Courses can be tailored to suit your requirements and time constraints, regardless of whether you are organising a session within the workplace or the community.

A standard course runs for 2 hours. Format: An introduction to make sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable with the GoToMeetings platform/alternative preferred platform. Then follows an interactive and informative session for approximately 45 mins. A short break of 10 mins gives everyone a break from screens and a chance to get refreshments if required, followed by a further session. Finishing with time for Q & A.

A shortened course runs for 1 hour with no breaks. It is slightly less detailed but remains interactive and informative.

A further option would be a 1 hour webinar, not as interactive but remains informative.

Talks can be mixed so, open for males and females to attend. Alternatively some organisations prefer to provide individual courses, so women/men only courses. From experience this works particularly well for male colleagues, with previous sessions always very well attended and interactive.

Overview of the Menopause course

  • Signs and symptoms of the menopause : physical, psychological/emotional and genitourinary
  • Diagnosis of menopause
  • How to cope with symptoms : Naturally/lifestyle choices, hormonal medication (HRT) alternative remedies and options
  • Menopause within the workplace
  • Helpful signposting
  • Q & A
  • Each attendee will be forwarded a paper handout with the main points covered.

Overview of the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) course

  • Explanation of how group Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) effectively reduces the impact of hot flushes and night sweats
  • Explanation of the basic practical tools which can be used
  • Interactive exercises during course which can be utilised at home.
  • Simple relaxation routine
  • Each attendee will be forwarded paperwork for the interactive sessions.

Further details

Please email for more information, to discuss costs or to make a booking.
Workshop with Kirsty Wark
Aly & Ali

Flexibility with course design

These are the two standard courses I run, but I am more than happy to talk through alternative options with you.

For example, one organisation decided to run the Menopause course but also wanted a brief insight into the CBT course. So we made the Menopause course 2 hours with the usual breaks, there was then a further 10 min break followed by a shortened version of the CBT course. They have now gone on to run the full CBT course for their staff.