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World Menopause Day - woo hoo !

Marvellous - World Menopause Day 18th October 2017 - Woo hoo !

The International Menopause Society is marking the day by publishing a report encouraging women to “have a health audit – and take action at the time of the menopause to avoid chronic diseases in later life.”

Press release from the International Menopause Society:

'Doctors call for women to take action at menopause, to prevent health problems in later life'

Actions taken at the time of the menopause can avoid chronic diseases in later life, according to a report on women’s health marking International Menopause Day (18th October).

The International Menopause Society goes on to say ... Around one third of a woman’s life is lived after the menopause. The age of the natural menopause among women in developed countries is between 50 and 52 years, whereas, in less developed countries, menopause often occurs in the late ’40s. In the decade after the menopause, women become vulnerable to chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, cognitive decline (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease), and cancer; so the early postmenopause years provide the opportunity for women to take preventative steps to steer a positive course for their future health.

For all women, the report of the International Menopause Society stresses the need to consider; lifestyle measures (healthy diet and physical activity) prevention of weight gain being involved in mentally stimulating activities

The International Menopause Society has produced an A4 poster which can be used in your GP waiting room, in libraries - any public places. If you know of anywhere this could be used go to the IMS website and follow the link to get the poster.

Promensil and Sylk two companies whose products we definitely think are worth looking at as valuable alternatives to help with menopausal symptoms are partnering on a Menopause Natural Support competition for World Menopause Day follow this link to find out more

For more information re World Menopause Day look at the Women's Health Concern website - the patient arm of the British Menopause Society.


Useful links to look at :-

International Menopause Society :

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