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Self Care…we all need a bit & definitely during the Menopause!

A short post to carry you into the NY…

Firstly, wouldn't it be wonderful to ditch those lists…I know you have them, I’ve got numerous ones lying around, comes with the territory and then there’s the lists which remind you about the ones you can’t find…sound familiar?!

It can sometimes help to relieve a bit of stress though, can't it, if you've done a simple brain dump onto a piece of paper!

Well, I thought it was worth mentioning self care, yes let’s talk about you, but not forgetting those around you who might also need a bit of TLC, as we all dash about like headless chickens trying to pack far too much into our days in the lead up to Christmas. Stressing about what to buy those individuals who are always hard to buy for; packages not arriving in time, is the turkey going to be big enough; or have I made the right decision ditching the whole turkey tradition instead?! A lot of us are very good at making sure everyone else is fine but forget about ourselves don’t we…ring a bell.

So, we all need to focus on a bit of Hygge…try giving yourself that virtual hug.

It’s all about doing that little bit extra to create a special atmosphere…a feeling or a moment…whether that’s an ordinary one, or an extraordinary one…feelings of calm and warmth.

Some of you out there will find it easier than others to take timeout and relax…others almost need to be given permission to give themselves this, having almost forgotten how to properly rest and relax.

Classic images which come to mind when saying the word Hygge are candles…cosy knitted socks…old fashioned games nights…or just curled up in front of a fire with your favourite tipple.

Looking out of the window while writing this the sun is glistening off a deliciously frosty scene.

We’re in the middle of a very chilly spell, will we finally get a white Christmas…who knows.

What I do know is, that over the Christmas period in our home, we need to get everyone to periodically turn off their tech for a while, we need to get the old board games out, get outside in the fresh air and then definitely light the fire & the odd candle or two. I would add in there the odd restorative magnesium infused bath or foot bath, popping a face mask on if you have one to hand and just chilling. Or if that doesn’t float your boat…get the Christmas tunes on pour yourselves a tipple and get some simple yummy food on the go…but make sure you’re getting a hand…don’t be that one person alone in the kitchen while everyone else is relaxing! Much more fun all mucking in together even if they don’t quite slice and dice things as you want, does it really matter…no!

The simple things in life are often the best aren’t they.

Compassion and kindness

It’s not just about giving yourself timeout…showing compassion and kindness to those around you…being aware how family members and friends might be feeling. Making sure to connect with those who find themselves on their own, those who might be struggling to juggle work, young kids, looking after elderly relatives. Some people just need a little nudge in the right direction…maybe a reminder that it’s ok to stop…to chill and to switch off…

So over the festive period try and unplug yourself even for a few moments from the stresses of every day life and encourage those you’re with to do the same…slow that pace of life down…give yourself some well needed and well deserved R&R and have some Hygge time... practise doing the odd bit of paced breathing now and again can help!

Don’t forget about healthy eating in-between all those wonderful Christmas treats, I know here she goes, but notice I’m not suggesting you ditch those treats, oh no, just get a balance. So, fling in the odd smoothy, embrace sprouts and those other fabulous greens, get a few probiotics in there and hydrate like mad! Dance around the kitchen if you can’t make that last gym class, stretch out those limbs and release those joints every morning (only takes a few minutes let’s face it), and try to get lots of fresh air even if the weather deteriorates, but ultimately...RELAX!

Oh and don't forget your pelvic floor!!

Wishing you all the most wonderful Festive Period and all the best for 2023.

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