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Frizzy, unruly, wiry hair…sound familiar any perimenopausal or postmenopausal women out there?

Sometimes it’s those annoying, niggling side effects of hormones that can really start to get you down…some would say all part of our hormonal journey…others would label them as part of the natural ageing process, which ever way you view it, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom as I’ve just found out!

Top of my list has to be frizzy, wiry hair, and frequently looking like I’ve been plugged into an electric socket the moment there is a mere hint of moisture in the air. I can’t tell you the amount I’ve invested in hair products and openly admit I regularly go and get my colour topped up which helps the conditioning but hasn’t prevented the frizz returning. Which does with remarkable speed if caught in the rain — mist and fog being some of the worst weather conditions. In fact let’s face it getting hot in any situation — on holiday, saunas, ironing, all have the same effect.

But no more…!

My wonderful hairdresser has come to the rescue…realising the frizz was worsening and it was even taking her an increasing lengths of time to tame my hair, she researched some treatment she’d heard about, invested in some products and hey ho a miracle has happened — no exaggeration. Anyone who knows me will know that I spend the minimum amount of time in front of a mirror as possible. So to have this done has been fabulous, it’s time saving, takes stress out of the day and long term is cost effective!

What is it…an intense conditioning treatment called Keratin therapy from an Italian company Alfaparf Milano (I know only the Italians would get this right!), I’m sure there will be similar products that do exactly the same thing but this is the one that worked for me.

How good is it…well for years I have had to wash and blow dry my hair every day - yep a bit over kill I know, but otherwise I resemble a poodle all day and there are limits. Unlike my daughter and many others of you out there I have never had the fortune of experiencing long, flowing, straight hair. If I ever grew my hair it just seemed to grow outwards as well as downwards, so inevitably just kept it fairly short. No amount of straightening would tame it.

I now wake up and it seriously looks the same as the previous day — honestly. Yesterday I was caught in all this wet weather we’re having — no effect — unbelievable! Any negatives…well it costs about the same as getting your hair coloured professionally, so not cheap, but should last at least 3 months, plus saves masses of shampoo and conditioner as you don’t have to wash your hair as much…happy days!

There are various treatments available, I’ve just had the shorter one done which has had fabulous results, don’t get cajoled into the longer one which would cost you double! Not sure if you can purchase the salon treatment directly but you can get the Keratin therapy maintenance conditioner through many online outlets.

As I started writing this post I suddenly realised my son had probably been influenced by the sight of me most mornings pre shower for the sketches of Millie in my book Men…Let’s Talk Menopause! (Buy from code RUTH10 for discount!)

So, no need to resemble or feel like a Swaledale sheep anymore — Hurrah!

On another note shortsightedness is one of my daily and worsening annoyances, with an ever increasing amount of glasses circulating around house, car, handbags and fridges as I keep misplacing them! Quite bizarre where you find them isn’t it! Nope it's not just you!

Being a more lifestyle focussed post I thought I would mention a couple of my favourite products which I swear by…it would be wonderful to know yours too so please follow me on twitter @menopause_talk , if you don’t already, and share your top tips with everyone!

Favourite products…

The best foot cream out there — wonderful for just massaging aching feet at the end of a day, after a bath or after sanding those dry heels down…nothing worse! (pumice stone advisable rather than sandpaper ladies!) They also do a fabulous foot soak, if you’re on the go all day

Next up — Beatitude’s aromatherapy bath oil The ultimate luxurious bath oil, one wiff guarantees to start and relax you! They also do fabulous candles and body oils amongst other items.

Also excellent...Neal's Yard Rose Formula Antioxidant facial mask go to to have a look at their whole selection.

Don’t worry I’m not going to go through my whole bathroom but they are a couple of my go to items!

Oh and one essential item which our family, generation after generation, swear by…I even sent my son’s off to Uni with a pot each…Vicks vapour rub! The ultimate go to if you’ve got a cold or feel one brewing and have known some use it to help hay fever. Pop it on your chest, put some in a bowl of boiling water and inhale or pop on the soles of your feet…marvellous!

On a more serious note don’t forget…

  • Keep up to date with cervical smear tests

  • Keep up to date with reviewing any medication you are on especially hormonal, as in contraception or HRT

  • Go for those mammogram appointments when they come through, think prevention rather than firefighting.

  • Do the bowel tests that pop through your letter box - prevention again.

  • Communicate…ask questions nothing is a silly question when it comes to health.

  • Ultimately take responsibility and an interest in your own health

Would love to know your favourite products, please share!

Essential signposting… (remember pop in code RUTH10 for discount if buying my book!)


Any information is as accurate as possible at time of writing and is for information purposes only. The information and support that Let's Talk Menopause provides is for your own personal use. It is not intended to replace or substitute the judgement of any medical professional you may come in contact with. You should always seek advice from your healthcare professional regarding any medical condition.


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