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Fabulous feature in MY Weekly magazine - 5 pages on the Menopause !

I was delighted to be asked to contribute to a 5 page feature on the menopause in this weeks My Weekly magazine. A brilliant feature covering 5 of the most common symptoms experienced with free offers from fabulous companies like Sylk, the vaginal moisturiser/ lubricant company and Promensil, who supply red clover supplements.

Heather Currie former chair of the British Menopause Society contributed with valuable information about HRT.

It is well worth a read — gives good, down to earth advice, has top tips for coping and gives a whole host of contacts and information for you to look into.

Happy reading and as ever if you would like to get in touch or would like to organise a workshop please email and please pass on our blog details to anyone who you think might be interested thank you .

Any information is as accurate as possible at time of writing and is for information purposes only. The information and support that Let's Talk Menopause provides is for your own personal use. It is not intended to replace or substitute the judgement of any medical professional you may come in contact with. You should always seek advice from your healthcare professional regarding any medical condition.


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