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Hello everyone – this is our first Blog post – any feedback very welcome – cut us a little slack as we are new to this – steep learning curve and all that! Hopefully we will inspire you. How are you all ?! Hopefully feeling positive, energised and generally here are a couple of ways to help you actively improve not only your physical, but your mental well-being...

Exercise and fresh air

Here we go again do I hear some of you say … but it does work ! The good thing is if conventional sport or exercise isn't for you — the latest research now says that just 10 minutes of HIIT … (high intensity interval training to you and me )… compares well with traditional aerobic exercise. The 10 mins are not constant but are split into short sharp 1 minute bursts with 30 second rests in-between, or find the ratio which suits you, ( the 1 minute bursts should be at 'full pelt' though to get the maximum benefit! ). It not only helps weight loss but helps to strengthen bones and releases those all important endorphins which make you feel great ! So, try power walking for 10 mins, skipping for 10 mins or jog up and down the stairs a few times – yes simple things do work and if you have time constraints like work or kids or you just don't enjoy longer stretches of exercise then this could be for you.

Just 10 minutes of HIIT can improve alertness, energy levels and positivity …..go on off you go you wont know until you try – oh and if possible try and do it in the fresh air when weather permits always good to get a change of scene and to breathe in good old fresh air!

If you do enjoy exercise and have more time then even better or combine with alternate days of HIIT sessions … set yourself achievable goals and choosing a sport or activity which you enjoy is so important, that way you are less likely to give up …..whether its cycling, netball, gardening, dancing or flying around the garden on a space hopper you will not only instantly feel the benefits physically but it will help your overall mental well being.

Try to build into your exercise routine a variety of weight bearing and resistance exercises.


  • Helps keep your cardiovascular system healthy

  • Helps strengthen bones and muscles

  • Helps to release lubrication around joints

  • Helps to tone...helps with weight loss

  • Releases endorphins which help overall mental well being

  • Reduces stress levels


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